Local Seafood Delivery

We Make The Trip For You!

How it Works

Step 1:Order Online

You can view our selection and order online until Tuesday at midnight.
I pick up your fresh seafood on Wednesdays.
You do not pay in advance because we don't get exact portions every time.

Step 2:Pick Up

When placing an order online, you will select which market and day to pick up your order. Simply stop by with your cooler, and take home your fresh catch! We prefer cash and checks. Remember to check market times!

Step 3:Eat

Preparing your seafood is easy and fun!
We are in the process of shooting easy-to-follow YouTube video recipes to help you along. Peruse our Pinterest recipes and check out the photos our customers have posted to Facebook. Feel free to share your own!


We've been getting a lot of questions lately and would like to answer a few below. If you have more questions or commets feel free to contact charlie@localseafooddelivery.com at any time or call (276) 206-0008.

Q: Where do you get your seafood?
A: We pick up our seafood from Surf City Crab, a dock located on Topsail Island, NC. They have a few boats of their own and they also buy from other fishermen on the coast to supplement what they need for the week. During the winter when some fish are out of season in NC, the dock will get fresh fish flown in from Florida and the Gulf.
Q: Do you catch the fish yourself?
A: No, our friends at Surf City Crab and other fishermen from the area catch the majority of what we offer. We bring the fresh catch to you.
Q: Where can I find you?
A: Check out "Seafood Live" on our homepage to see when our next delivery is. You can also check out our prospective catch and our delivery date on our selection page.
Q: Will you deliver to my house?
A: We no longer offer home delivery. You can pick up your order at any one of our sites.
Q: What kind of seafood do you have?
A: You can check out what we expect to be available for our next trip here. Sign up for our newsletter on our home page to get an email update a few days before each trip to get a feel for what's happening that week.
Q: Can you get whole fish?
A: Yes we can. Most people prefer their fish filleted, but we can get whole fish as well. Please call/email for whole fish prices. The dock can dress (scaled/gutted/gilled) most whole fish for about $.50 more/lb.
Q: How do I store my seafood when I get home?
A: Just like the dock, we package our seafood in plastic bags for easy transport back to your house. It's fine to put that bag in your refrigerator, but to extend it's shelf life, wash your product in cold running water and dry your product before storing in a loosely-covered bowl in your fridge. Seafood stays freshest for longest on ice, so if you're able, cover your seafood in a blanket of ice (can be a thin blanket) either in a cooler or in a deep pan kept in your fridge. Your seafood is guaranteed to be fresh Saturday night for dinner. If you are unsatisfied with your product after following our guidelines, please let us know immediately so we can correct the problem and get you a refund.